7 Reasons To Add Resistance Bands To Your Workouts


Author: Leo Akin
November, 2014


Resistance bands are strong, flexible rubber bands with handles at the end. They offer different levels of resistances and are used as substitutes for heavy weights. It is easy to underestimate resistance bands; after all, they are simply stretchable rubber bands. However, these bands are quite effective replacements for free weights and they can used in any strength training exercise you may incorporate in your workout.

Resistance bands can make your workout less burdensome and even add some creative fun to it as you mix and match different bands to help push you into new levels of fitness. If you have not tried out resistance bands, then consider these 7 reasons why resistance bands are good substitutes for weights and ideal for strength training.

1. Cost Effective

Resistance bands may well be the most functional yet inexpensive exercise equipment you will buy. They are commonly sold for $10 50.

Since you get a set of bands with varying levels of resistance for that price, the equivalent cost of free weights runs a lot higher. In addition, the cost of shipping resistance bands is negligible while you have to pay for every pound of free weights in shipping cost.

Resistance bands sold for $40 and above usually come with training DVDs, manuals and other accessories to make such kits worthwhile. Considering their equivalence to weights and their effectiveness, resistance bands are inexpensive and cost effective.

2.Easy to Pack, Easy to Store

Resistance bands take only very little space. Therefore, you do not need to dedicate any area of your home to them. These bands are easy to pack. Simply roll them up and stash in the bag included in the kit.

Even if you do decide to keep these bands out of the bag, you can simply hang or place them anywhere. Unlike free weights that take up floor spaces, resistance bands have low footprint. Simple drape them on anything, hang them against the wall or store them in a closet.

3. Travel-Friendly

Because they are easy to pack and store and take very little space, resistance bands can travel with you. In fact, these bands are one of the few exercise equipment that you can carry around with you. It is impractical to carry your free weights everywhere and exercise machines cannot be taken with you. Resistance bands, on the other hand, are ideal for travelers and road warriors.

Rather than hunting for a gym in a new city, you can simply take out your lightweight and portable resistance bands to keep up with your workout schedule anywhere and at any time.

4. Adaptable to Your Fitness Level

Resistance bands are perfectly suited to multiple fitness levels. If you are beginner, you can start with the band with the least resistance. As your fitness level improves, you can move on to bands with medium and heavy resistances.You can even adjust the level of intensity derived from each resistance band by determining how much slack you want to allow the band and yourself.

Finally, even after you are comfortable with the band with the highest resistance in your kit, you can push your fitness level higher by combining multiple bands to generate even higher levels of resistance. Therefore, resistance bands are ideal for every fitness level because you can set and adjust the challenge they offer.

5. Easily Combined with Other Exercise Equipment

Combining resistance bands with other forms of exercise is possible because the bands are lightweight and flexible. Therefore, if you are looking for greater challenge in your workout, you should add resistance bands to the exercise machines you use. Resistance bands add variety to your workout and variety is desirable in exercise.

As your muscles adapt to the challenge provided by your usual exercise equipment, some of the benefits of your workout will be lost. By including resistance bands, you can train these muscles in new ways to keep your workout efficiency optimal.

6. Can be Used Alone or with Free Weights

Even though they are meant to replace free weights, resistance bands can be used along with them. Besides cost, space and flexibility, resistance bands have another important advantage over heavy weights for strength training: you do not need an exercise partner to use them.

Lifting heavy weights is recommended only when someone else is present because it is easy to overestimate your fitness level and underestimate your fatigue. There is no such problem with resistance bands because they are lightweight and easily maneuvered. Free weights and resistance bands are not mutually exclusive. You can use both by alternating them to add variety to your workout and maintain peak performance.

7. Effective Workout

They may not look like much but it is exactly the simplicity and flexibility of resistance bands that make them great for your workout. These bands can improve your fitness level by boosting stamina, range of motion and flexibility.

They can be adapted to train core muscles as well as peripheral muscles. In fact, resistance bands can be used to train almost any muscle group. Resistance bands may surprise you yet by their versatility. With their low cost and space-saving build, there is no downside to trying these unique fitness equipment.


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