Mathsthoughtbook is an innovative online resource facility designed to facilitate improved logical thinking and creative reasoning through multiple intelligences, and to show case different categories of intelligence and their relevance to our everyday work.

More importantly, Mathsthoughtbook is also a strategic resource for you to connect to your world of potential maximization through active dissemination of motivational and inspirational information, and through provision of classified and well-researched products and services, you need to improve yourself.


We are a group of strategic thinkers, intelligence and knowledge managers, analysts, writers, educators, and project designers with common interests in the following:

  • Creation and production of educational materials for improved logical thinking and creative reasoning,
  • Research, writing, editing and publishing
  • Development of intelligence games
  • Socio-economic, scientific, and political analysis,
  • Dissemination of inspirational thoughts, classified and well-researched materials for self-improvement,
  • Finding and connecting creative minds to their worlds for improved productivity,
  • Promotion and reinforcement of creative products and services,
  • Development of motivational and brainstorming programs to raise the level of innovative and inventive ability,
  • Marketing of creations.

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