Card Magic and My Mathematical Discoveries


The book, Card Magic and My Mathematical Discoveries, opens a new chapter of mathematical discoveries using card magic as a pedestal. This innovative work explains how research on card magic led to a new line of mind-blowing mathematical findings. These mathematical findings will captivate any reader interested in the following areas: programming and modeling, logical-mathematical intelligence, mathematical amusement, Riemann hypothesis, the world of numbers and mathematics of order and pattern. Moreover, this book is loaded with cutting edge puzzles, prime number riddles and card mathematical intelligence demonstrations to educate and entertain the readers and also to stimulate their interest in research.

Card Magic and My Mathematical Discoveries is a product of continual research into the fundamental concept of regeneration. The book introduces the concept of regeneration into mathematics of order system based on the Isaac Newton's First Law of Motion. The first mathematical law of Regenerative Mathematics states that Every ordered system comprising elements (objects) which can be grouped into two or more columns and rows, whether in a simple or multiple dimension, has a Regenerative Distribution Number (t), if the elements (objects) in the ordered system are compelled to undergo a series of transposition by Logico-Sequential Distribution impressed on them.

The book is divided into seven chapters as follows:

  • Chapter One: Dimurelo: Card Magic
  • Chapter Two: Median and Logico-Sequential Distribution
  • Chapter Three: Card Mathematical Intelligence Games
  • Chapter Four: Introduction to Kola Analysis
  • Chapter Five: Regenerative Mathematics
  • Chapter Six: Dimurelo Puzzle
  • Chapter Seven: Prime Number and Regeneration

It is crystal clear that the book, Card Magic and My Mathematical Discoveries, would stimulate your interests in research and development in the area of ordered system, fascinate your imagination, reveal the simplicity and complexity of mathematical intelligence, and lastly it would open a new world of mathematical amazement to you. The book starts with card magic, and from card magic to research, from research it graduates to regenerative mathematics of ordered system. From regenerative mathematics it expands its horizon to card mathematical magic, and from card mathematical magic to mathematical amazement and fun. The book entends its tentacles to how the understanding of ordered system through regenerative mathematics could be used to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding prime number and the Riemann Hypothesis.

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