Dreams, Visions, and Empowerment


Author: Adekola Taylor
November, 2013

"Dreams are impulses of thought, at times they are fantasies of one's head or thoughts of one's mind that one wishes to acquire, have or become in life".

Our empowerment base comprises the pools or deposits of resources, skills, knowledge and experiences; we have acquired or inherited overtimes in the process of life. Our empowerment base equips us to bring our dreams and visions into a reality. Without empowerment the actualization of our visions and dreams would be a mirage. What then is vision? Vision is the power of imagination and an expression of wisdom in understanding the true meaning of facts especially with regard to the future. It is the ability to foresee and draw logical conclusions from the foresight. In the same vein, dreams are fantasies of one's head or thoughts of one's mind that one wishes to acquire, have or become in life.

There is something about dreams we need to know. Candidly speaking, dreams depict the true reflection of reality but they are far from reality. They are in the world of abstraction, the so-called world of imagination. But the truth of the matter is that men are nothing but the products of their visions and dreams in life. It takes concerted and unrelenting efforts to bring visions and dreams into a reality. Indeed it takes the right kind of empowerment to bring them into a reality. When visions and dreams are brought into a reality then the dreamer or the visionary becomes an actor, a player, an executor or an inventor.

Most of us have great and innovative ideas, stupendous initiatives, wonderful dreams, and world changing visions that can change the course of humanity but our inability to be empowered in certain matters of life required for the realization of those visions and dreams impeded us from bringing them into a reality. Some time we may not have the resources. That is to say we maynot have developed or acquired the right kind of empowerment base in form of knowledge, wealth and prowess (ability, skill, expertise, competence, dexterity, aptitude, proficiency, know-how, knack and talent) that will warrant us to bring them into a reality. Often times we lack the right kind of talents, gifts, intellectual, aptitudinal and attitudinal ability.

Many a time we watch the dreams and visions fading away because we are too weak to bring them into a reality. This is sometimes painful but what can we do since we have been incapacitated. The only solution is empowerment. So empowerment is the bedrock of turning our dreams and visions into a reality. Many a time we watch these dreams and visions fade away as the early fog disappears in the heat of the sun. Often times we look pathetically at a dream and the dream also looks pathetically at us bidding goodbye and saying:

  • I am sorry it is time to say goodbye because you don't have the resources to bring me into a reality, let alone sustaining and maintaining me.
  • Sorry you don't have the right kind of foundation that can carry and sustain me even if you bring me into a reality.
  • Sorry it is time to say goodbye because you are making me to linger in limbo. I need to find an empowered vessel that is ready to turn me into a reality.
  • Sorry you are too weak for me, you are not my type, we are not in the same class, and I can't stay with you. Sorry it is time to quit and say goodbye forever.
On 26th April, 2008, as I was about to lay in my bed after a rigorous exercise in a certain camp, a thought came to my mind as a fantasy of my head in form of a question saying "If one has a dream that one desires so much and one is convinced that the dream also desires one so much in return. But as situation would have it, the dream fades away and never to reappear. What kind of things of life can one use to console oneself?" As I was ruminating over this question of my mind, the thought of two of my friends which I believed could have the answers to this question of my mind invaded my mind. So I quickly forwarded the question to them through my mobile phone, telling them that I would appreciate their prompt responses.

  1. Immediately, as if they were quickened by the spirit of the time, I received the first response from my friend called Wale Akinwumi and he replied as follows:
  2. Contemplate the greatness ahead for one's greatness should not be a dream but a living life and a way of life.
  3. Know that dreams are what we want and may not be what we need and a life of purpose isn't a life of want.
  4. Know that a dead dream isn't a total loss.It is a call to change perspective.
  5. Pain is of immense value if you will use it well.
As I was reading Wale's inspired response, the second response entered my mobile phone from my second friend called Tony Idemudia and he replied as follows:
  • The Bible the greatest source of consolation. The ability to always see the good side of everything, to understand that some things change and may pass away, to not worry any more about the actions of men, to set one's heart on the noble things of life, and to believe in love are the greatest dreams coming true.

These two wonderful friends of mine prudently provided answers to this question of my mind from different perspectives. I thank God for their responses. May God bless them more profusely in wisdom and knowledge. We cannot say because we don't have the right kind of empowerment to bring certain dreams into a reality that we should fold our hands in a hopeless mood without taking action. We need to go for the right kind of empowerment even though the dreams might have gone forever and might have bidden us goodbye. It is up to us to conceive greater dreams that will surpass the ones that have gone forever. It is up to us to search for the right kind of empowerment to fortify our empowerment base and expand our knowledge acquisition base to enable us to bring our desired visions and dreams into a reality.

Without gainsaying, empowerment is the pedestal, activator, catalysis and the driving force for the actualization of visions and dreams. If we conceive a dream or vision at the level of our minds in form of fantasies of our heads, the onus of responsibility rests on us to work out all the modalities and the necessary things needed to bring it into a reality by using our faculties of thought to know the specific kind of empowerment we need. In other words what kind of knowledge, resources and skills we need to develop or acquire in order to bring it into a reality. In a situation where we need people that have all we need to turn a particular dream into a reality, it is our duty to look for them and partner with them.

Undoubtedly speaking, not all our dreams and visions that we can turn into a reality independently; there are some that we need to serve as forerunners. Our responsibility is to conceive them and deliver them to the people that have been programmed to turn them into a reality. Martins Luther king had a dream that one day black discrimination and segregation in USA would be a thing of the past. Over fifty years after, an African-American President was elected by the people of America to consolidate Martins Luther's noble dream.

In conclusion, empowerment is the inevitable foundation for the actualization of our visions and dreams in life. This empowerment could be material or non-material. It could be physical or spiritual. It could be political or apolitical. It could be economically influenced or non-economically influenced. It could intellectual and attitudinal. It could be social or non-social. It could be in any form but it must be the right kind of empowerment needed specifically for the actualization of the visions and dreams we have conceived. Finally, as a kind of admonition, we should be determined to galvanize and harness all our belief systems and all our resources by channeling them along the line of improved productivity and efficiency for actualization of our visions and dreams in life, and for betterment and advancement of the course of our society.

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