Healthcare, a Basic Human Right


Author: Adekola Taylor
June, 2015

Health is wealth, is a generally acceptable saying. This saying pinpoints the undisputed importance of health care in the life of any human being. No wonder in 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Right including the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of all persons and their families, and the right to medical care, necessary social services, and security in times of unemployment, sickness, disability, old age, or any other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond a personís control (Kennedy). Health care should be an undisputable basic human right to which any person should have the right to access when conditions necessitated it.

Moreover, healthcare is a powerful tool and a major determinant in promoting the well beings and health of people anywhere in the world. It is quite unfortunate that after over 60 years that this right has been internationally recognized, there is no feasible evidence of implementation all over world. So many people all over the world still donít have access to quality health care even in the developed countries such as USA, UK and the rest; many donít have guaranteed health insurance.

Some people have arrogated this failure on the part of the government to the fact that providing a quality and accessible healthcare for all people requires a colossal financial investment. But I have thought about it, health care should not only be the responsibility of the governments alone but also both the public and the private sectors should be involved. Many people are of the opinion that health care should not be considered as a basic human right but they have forgotten the fact that if heath care has been seriously taken and implemented right from its declaration as a basic human right, most of the diseases that are plaguing the world would have been curbed or even eradicated.

Now we are a world where many people are dying because of the diseases that could have been prevented, this is a common thing in the developing and undeveloped world. In the remote parts of Africa, you hear children dying of common malaria; HIV is spreading like wild fire and other diseases that could have been prevented through adequate health policies that enshrine healthcare as a basic human right. A vibrant, affordable and readily accessible health care will guarantee a healthy people; this brings about strong labour force. It is no exaggeration saying a healthy people are happy people.

It is crystal clear that if healthcare, a basic human right, is implemented as rightly stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Right, healthcare system will be people oriented, more esteemed and more efficient. Many diseases would be eradicated in no time because more attention and preference will be given to the health sector. Of all the human rights, right to health is the most importance to both economic and social growth.



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