Logical-Mathematical Reasoning For Teens

The book, Logical-Mathematical Reasoning for Teens is a resourceful book specially packaged to improve and promote logical-mathematical reasoning among teenagers. Logical-Mathematical Reasoning for Teens practically demonstrates the approaches to logical thinking and creative reasoning through construction of puzzles, models and concepts, and by using distributive regeneration of ordered system as a tool.

These practical approaches include recognition of patterns, handling of logical thinking through manipulative and critical thinking skills, derivation of formulas through the use of graphical method, and solving logical-mathematical reasoning problems.The cutting-edge exercises and puzzles in the book, Logical-Mathematical Reasoning for Teens, are tailored to unearth and improve logical-mathematical reasoning among teenagers.

The book is divided into five chapters as follows:

  • Chapter One: Dimurelo: A Logical-Mathematical Reasoning Puzzle
  • Chapter Two: Pattern Recognition
  • Chapter Three: Models and Concepts
  • Chapter Four: Models and Concepts II
  • Chapter Five: Card Mathematical Magic

Moreover, Logical-Mathematical Reasoning For Teens explores the logical-mathematical reasoning behind some major card mathematical magic tricks. Logical-Mathematical Reasoning For Teens is specially designed around the five core characteristics of logical-mathematical intelligence. These core characteristics are linear reasoning, concrete reasoning, causal relationships, abstract reasoning, and complex operation. Concrete reasoning involves breaking down systems into thier components; linear reasoning involves seeking order and consistency in the world; causal relationships involve identifying cause and effect within a system; abstract reasoning involves using symbols that represent concrete ideas, and lastly complex operations involve performing sophisticated algorithms.

In other words, Logical-Mathematical Reasoning For Teens is designed to improve the approach to logical thinking and creative thinking among teenagers. Approach to logical thinking and creative thinking involves pattern recognition, decomposition, pattern generalization, abstractions or models, algorithm, data analysis and visualization. Careers which draws on logical-mathematical reasoning include mathematicians, scientific researchers, computer programmers, police investigators, engineers, economists, accountants, lawywers, and animal trackers.

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Answers to the exercises and puzzles in the book, Logical-Mathematical Reasoning For Teens, are provided in a PDF version for teachers, guardians and parents on request.


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