Man, Science and War


Author: Adekola Taylor
January, 2018

Man, Science and War

Though science prepares the intelligence and weapons of war, science has never drawn any nation or people to war. History has shown that politics, religions and overbearing ambitions of men have drawn men to war more than anything. The ugly side of men has littered the pages of history with pains and sorrows. Invariably, we live in a dangerous world, a world of lust, greed, violence and betrayal, where men cruelly use their power, where women ravenously use their sex, where only the strongest survive and fools die. Whenever we are drawn to war only the strongest survive, and the helpless, the poor and the weak die.

Our senses of humanity and reasoning are lost whenever we are deceived and blindfolded with our overbearing ambitions. Under the guise of religions, politics, and racism many evils have been perpetrated. It seems the world does not have the panacea to these evils being perpetrated under the guise of religions, politics, and racism. When all is left loose it leads to war. Any half a logical-minded leader should not take war as an avenue for revenge, consolation for loss, or as an avenue to actualize his overbearing ambitions. When we orchestrate war, we come back to science for science to hand over the weapons of war to us that we might destroy one another. It is such a lamentable and pathetic situation.

Truly, it is good to declare war against oppression, against marginalization, against act of terrorism, and against any activity that threatens the lives and properties of people. However, if we strategically and secretly orchestrate a war because of our overbearing ambitions, and wreak havoc on fellow human beings so that we can actualize our goals then we are not fit to live among humans. In fact, our sins are so high when we look at them collectively. So many evils are being done on earth. Critically observe how we treat one another. Religions trample upon religions; ethnics upon ethnics; tribes upon tribes; families upon families; businesses upon businesses; races upon races; and nations upon nations.

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We go to war and destroy the values and the precious lives that God Almighty has given us. Yet we still claim that we are serving God. We destroy lives created by God saying we are rendering service to God. It is not God we are rendering service. We are rendering the service to our ego, our greed, our ignorance, our lust, and our selfishness. We make other people groan in pains and sorrows. Because of our ego, greed and lust, we destroy lives of many people, people who could have helped in building up our societies. We destroy the future movers. We truncate bright stars and attract the anger of Almighty God who established the earth for man to rule and enjoy. Because of religions, tribalism and racism the battlefields of the world have been painted with the blood of the innocent people. Many people have been rendered shattered and homeless.

After the war, our nations are filled with orphans and widows. We are left to battle with national debts. Our world is filled with thousands of men that are physically handicapped and psychologically deranged. According to Martin Luther, “this is the tragic plight of man.” Even the most sacred places of the world are not left out. The evil side of us that we always want to suppress often comes into expression when we allow our greed, our ego, our selfishness and our pride to override our senses of humanity. At the verge of this evil, we say we are fighting for God as if God could not fight for Himself. We say we are fighting for God, not knowing that we are fighting for ourselves. In actual sense, we are fighting for our selfish interests, our ego, and our greed, and we waste the precious lives of other people who have as much right to live as we have.

We are all born to live, grow and eventually die. That is a sure reality of life. Why cut off the lives of other people prematurely because of an avoidable war? Why making lives difficult for others to live? Why oppressing others intentionally to frustrate them? Why living on the expense of others cruelly? Why being so self-centered when you have the resources and the abilities to help and put smiles on the faces of others? Why do we enjoy the suffering of others? This is a degradation of human virtues. Regardless of our political affiliations or religion groups, we hold humanity an obligation to support, defend and protect the survival of humanity. Life is not all about you alone. It is also about impacting other people’s lives positively.

We are now living in a world where war is more destructive than ever. Our intelligence and weapons of war have gone beyond the crude nuclear weapons that were dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945; they have become more sophisticated and more devastating. Recently, Pope Francis thought it right to print cards showing the devastating effects of war especially the nuclear war. The cards show a 1945 photo of victims of nuclear bombing of Nagasaki along with the words, “the fruit of war.” Also Carl Sagan, an astronomer said, “every thinking person fears nuclear war and every technological state plans for it, everyone knows it is madness and every nation has an excuse.” Though we know that war would cause pains, loss and death, we still find plausible excuses to go to war. When the fire of war is kindled, only a stronger fire of war can quench it.

In conclusion, this present world system is climaxing and very close to its ending. The world is changing because of its ever-increasing level of knowledge. Knowledge has only two children - the good and the evil. For us as humans to perpetuate our existence on planet earth, we must master the use of the vast bodies of knowledge at our disposal for good courses, and choose the right body of knowledge that can save us from the evil ahead. Politics, religions, and overbearing ambitions of men would one day put an end to the world through the intelligence and weapons of war prepared by science. This may spell out the doom day! Candidly speaking, if God would not put an end to the world, men would put an end to the world one day. Evidence abounds all over the world. However, before man succeeds in putting an end to the world God must intervene to rescue His people and save the world. The time is near! Our redemption is near!

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