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You are welcome to Mathsthoughtbook Market Refund Rules.

These rules outline what you can expect from each writer or author of the service you order or purchase. These rules provide a transparent method to refund if conditions necessiated it.

Each writer or author is responsible to the clients for items they purchase.

If you are not entirely satified with your purchase or service we are here to help you.

After completion of jobs, writers or authors should deliver the requested service or item to the client. It is the responsible of the client to approve the service and pay accordingly based on agreed cost.

In cases of return the client has 30 calendar days to return the item from the date the client received it.

To be eligible for refund complaints should be filed to the author or the writer in charge of your work within the above specified days.

Based on agreement between you and the writer, the writer may do a rework of your writing to fit your taste. This will likely be most of the cases.

If books are purchased and the client asks for a refund, once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned books or items.

If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (Your original payment method).

You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days depending on your card issuer's policies.

However, if you purchase our books from our partners because almost ninety percent of our books are sold by our partners e.g,, and so forth, their refund policies will be applied to you.

If you have any question on how to return your item to us, feel free to contact us.


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