The Thoughts You Need To Think


The book, The Thoughts You need to Think, is a down-to-earth, practical, motivational and inspirational book exclusively garnished with powerful thoughts, self-improvement counsel and illustrations to unleash the hidden potentials in you. Instructive, unique, thought-provoking, inspiring, and expository in its content and design, this ingenious exposition tactically unearths the guidelines and principles you need in understanding the thoughts of your mind.

The book presents from a cutting-edge approach the thoughts you need to think and how to identify your needed thoughts in the midst of myriads of thought bombarding your mind. It provides compelling answers to some of the critical questions people ask about dreams, visions, thoughts, empowerment, intelligence, knowledge, potentials, gifts, talents and uniqueness. This book is one of the best, easy-to-read and concise books ever written on thoughts.

A Brief Summary of the Book:The Thoughts You Need To Think

The book is divided into five chapters as follows:

Chapter One: Dreams, Visions, and Empowerment
Chapter one throws more light on the significance of empowerment in the actualization of visions and dreams. Empowerment is the inevitable foundation for the actualization of our visions and dreams in life. Many of us have great and innovative ideas, stupendous initiatives, wonderful dreams, and world changing visions that can change the cause of humanity, but our inability to be empowered in certain matters of life required for the realization of these visions and dreams impeded us from bringing them into a reality.

Chapter Two: The Young Man and His Dream
Chapter two is an interesting and powerful counselling sector between an adept counsellor and a young man who had a dream that instructed him to use his thinking to connect to that area of life he needs to rule the world. Chapter two provides fascinating answers to some of the crucial questions people ask about thoughts, intelligence, dreams, visions, and empowerment.

Chapter Three: Your World and You
Chapter three throws more light on individual uniqueness and potentials. Inside the potentials and challenges in your world reside your dormant powers. The more you explore and exploit them, the more powerful you become. The more you are being distracted from exploring and exploiting them, the less powerful you become.

Chapter Four: Multiple Intelligences
Chapter three explores intellectual abilities from the theories of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner. The theory of multiple intelligences suggests that an individual has a mixture of intelligences; however, their degree of expression may vary with one or more having optimal degree of dominance. For instance, an individual intelligence may be dominated by musical and interpersonal intelligences with other types of intelligence being recessive or low in expression. Exploring and exploiting our dominant intelligences would definitely help us to build a formidable empowerment base for actualization of our visions and dreams.

Chapter Five: What You Need to Know about Thoughts
Chapter five is instructive, thought-provoking, and expository. It is loaded with inspiring and motivating thoughts. It unearths the mysteries beclouding the phenomenon of thought.

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