Your World and You


Author: Adekola Taylor
November, 2013

We are in a world but different people are in different worlds. Every person has his own specific world which is customized only for him. The programming of every person is perfectly designed to suit his own world. In other words, our individual worlds are all connected together through multi-factorial, highly intellectual and interactive programming network designed by our Creator. You need to understand the programming of your world, the processes of your world, the techniques of your world, and the procedures that your world understands. You need to understand these aforementioned programming languages of your world for unraveling and demystifying of the hidden knowledge and mysteries surrounding your world. Our productivity as well as our ingenuity in the worlds we find ourselves is greatly attached to our understanding of our worlds.

In our worlds there are forces of impossibility militating against our ability to act effectively, and our ability to conquer and rule our worlds. These forces are ever ready to eat up or infect the programming of our worlds. They are the challenges of life that present themselves to us as problems. We may not know the driving powers behind them and it is even possible for us to know them but the fact still remains that we live being surrounded by them. We sleep with them and wake up with them. At times they viciously stare at us to scare us. In some time they appear as monsters to create fear and doubt in us. But the truth of the matter is that inside them lies the exploits of the future. Your comprehension and your ability to deal with these forces of impossibility determine the unleashing of your potentials.

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Without gainsaying, any product you bring out of your world is a result of the interplay between you and the world you find yourself. The unleashing of your potentials is a function of your ability to conquer the past, the present and the future of your world by understanding how to survive, cope and deal with the emerging challenges attached to your world. All that the world wants is superstars, geniuses, achievers or celebrities. So all you need to do is to train and groom yourself along that direction by your determination to bring the best out of your world. In a nutshell you need to master your world.

It is worth noting that there are three fundamental masteries of your world that command unusual greatness in life after your case has been settled with the One who owns the day. First of these three fundamental masteries is the mastery of yourself. You must understand yourself. What are your dreams and visions in life? What is your source? What are your talents and gifts? What are you programmed to do exceptionally? What are the programs of your life? What are your potentials? What are your weaknesses and your strong points? What are the challenges and mysteries surrounding your world? All of these questions are pointing to your life programming purpose and their answers define who you are.

The second mastery of your world is the mastery of the environment you find yourself. Where were you born? What are the trends of event in the environment you find yourself? Are things easy to get in your environment or are they hard to get? What are the challenges or problems attached to your environment? What are the benefits and exploits in your environment? What calibers of people are living in the environment you find yourself? You have to master your environment because environmental influence has profound impacts on human existence. The third mastery is the mastery of the people in the environment you find yourself. You must masterthe people in the environment you find yourself for you to be productive in your relation and interaction with them. It is pertinent to master all these three fundamental masteries because any product we bring out of our worlds is as a result of interplay between ourselves and the environment we find ourselves.

Even if you find your world in the state of disrepair, even if you find your world at the point of collapse, it is your responsibility to rebuild it and it is your duty to start the restoration. It is your mandate to put together your world. Your choice to change your world for the best solely rests on you. If you don't change it for the best nobody will do it for you. The potentials and challenges in your world inside them lies your dormant powers. The more you explore and exploit them the more powerful you become, the more you are being distracted from exploring and exploiting them the more powerless you become. The restoration of your world depends solely on your determination for a change through acquisition of the right kind of empowerment.

The Great Teacher in the Scripture said to His disciples "I have said this to you so that in Me you may find peace. In the world, you will face tribulation but cheer up, I have conquered the world". You need to conquer your world because you have been sent here to conquer and rule your world. By the time you are able to conquer your world; the whole world will recognize and celebrate you. Even though people may not know the pains you have endured. They may not know how many tears you have shed. They may not know how many might waters you have crossed. They may not know how many forces of impossibilities you have wrestled with and conquered. They may not know how many failures, defeats and shames you have experienced. They may not know how many unsung successes you have made. They may not know how many mountains you have climbed and how many times you have fallen. But by the time you bring thebest out of your world, the whole world will celebrate you because you succeed in conquering your world.

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